On September 3, 2010 ‘The Wall Street Journal’ of New York published the following Book Title and a brief Excerpt  from it. The author is renowned writer on the subject Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinous. 

Why God Did Not Create the Universe

There is a sound scientific explanation for the making of our world “no gods required”

On September 7, 2010 I sent the following Comment to The Wall Street Journal: 

The God of the Old Testament created the World and then rested on the 7th Day. The God of the Qur’an (Koran) Created the World and the Universe and then continued as the Sustainer of what He had Created. In the Islamic Prayer the opening
passage identifies
this God as the “Rabbul Alameen” meaning He Sustains and (is) Protector what He has Created upon this World and the Universe. The Procreation is an Inherited Sacrosanct Ritual and that is the Sign of His Intelligent Design and is not the Sin of Lust by the Satan.

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Human Genetics & Molecular Biology within Qur’an Part One
Human Genetics & Molecular Biology within Qur’an Part Two

A surfer of my web site, after having read my article
Microbiology and the Human Genetics in the Qur’an,
emailed the following query: 
have you done any work or analysis on the issue of
‘evolution’ vs ‘intelligent design’
my brief response was:
‘evolution’ by ‘intelligent design’
he wrote back:
thanks for your rather perceptive response…
this feed back prompted me to reflect and research further.
here is my conclusive perspective: May the Agency that has been eternally evolving the species
also evolve the hearts of the readers to appreciate that transcendental process

In the Canadian issue of the TIME magazine of August 15, 2005, appeared a controversial cover page story. The subject matter it encompassed, deeply touches the public school science curriculum in U.S.A. On the bottom left corner of the title cover appeared the face of a deeply engrossed chimpanzee. Diagonally opposite to it was a partial image from the famous painting of God’s extended right finger. It was pointed with fury at that spellbound chimpanzee – the supposed ancestor of ours. In between these two pictures in the bold prints was the era’s solemn question, posed by Claudia Wallis — the author of a sweltering topic: The push to teach “intelligent design” raises a question: Does God have a place in science class? Not an easy to answer query for many. The opening passage of an eight page cover story had an eye-catching statement and more questions: “When Bush joined the fray last week, the question grew hotter: Is ‘intelligent design’ a real science? And should it be taught in schools?”
Today, INTELLIGENT DESIGN [ID] enjoys the centre stage at more than a century old debate between the Creationist and the Evolutionist. What is this “Intelligent Design”?
The Time magazine has briefly but aptly summarized [ID] as: “The assertion that some features of living things are best explained as the work of a designer rather than as the result of a random process like natural selection.”
The decision by the Kansas Board of Education to expunge references to evolution from science standards in Kansas was predominantly influenced by advocates of [ID] theory.
Below are two selected excerpts from the two leading TEXTBOOKS, reproduced by TIME:

“Darwin made bold assumptions about heritable variations, the age of Earth and relationships among organisms. New data from genetics, physics and biochemistry could have proved him wrong on many counts. They didn’t. Scientific evidence supports the theory that the living species descended with modification from common ancestors that lived in the ancient past.” (p. 410)
Biology by Kenneth Miller and Joseph Levine, Prentice Hall. 1,146 pages.
“Intelligent design means that various forms of life began abruptly through an intelligent agency, with their distinctive features already intact — fish with fins and scales, birds with feathers, beaks and wings, etc. Some scientists have arrived at this view since fossil forms first appear in the rock record with their distinctive features intact, rather than gradually developing.” (pp. 99-100)
Of Pandas and People by Percival Davis and Dean Kenyon, Haughton Publishing, 170 pages.
The authorship of Genesis, the first book of the Pentateuch (“five rolls” of Torah) — that has the biblical account of the Creation Story, is attributed to Prophet Moses. Some bible editors tell us that Moses probably wrote the original Torah in the wilderness of Sinai in the year 1513 B.C. The historians record that these rolls of Pentateuch were lost and are re-written. The Book of GENESIS (the Greek word meaning “Origin”, “Birth”), that we read today is the work of more than one writer. More prominently, the Yahwistic Text was written in Judah in the time of David or Solomon. And, that primary text has been overlaid with the Elohistic Text which was written in Israel, after the disruption of the old Solomonic Kingdom. Consequently, we do find the repetition of the historical events, including the Story of Creation by God. The sequences for the Creation of Man recorded in the opening chapter is reversed, with no explanation given, when the narrative is repeated in the ensuing chapter. 
  Most of the information contained in this First Book of the Bible relates to the events that took place prior to the birth of Moses. And in the final chapter of the Fifth Book of Moses appears an event that happened after Moses was laid to rest in the ground. One may argue that the Creator Himself may have inspired His Prophet to write the Creation Story. Moses may not have written the Original Text or the one that we read, but the information could have been verbally transmitted and reduced into writing by the generations that followed.
These abnormalities have not dampened the opinions of the Creationists whose arguments are solely based upon Genesis. The Book expounds that the God, working continuously from Monday to Saturday completed the process of Creation and then took a day off to rest. 
Before the advent of Islam, the Story of Genesis enjoyed the unchallenged superiority for the accounts of Creation and the Species that have existed on this earth. However, there did exist the Pagan beliefs as well as an ancient account, some what similar to Genesis, that was preserved on the tablets and within pictorial hieroglyphics by Accadians of Babylonia. These ancient records did not get publicity and the Biblical accounts remained authoritative. Please refer to Eaton’s Bible Dictionary, Illustrated third edition, 1897 for the details of the Ninevite Tablets and the pictorial writings by Accads – a  race supposed to have lived in Babylonia before the Assyrian conquest. Today, the Qur’an (Koran) – a widely circulated scripture, has presented before mankind an alternate account for the Creation of the Heavens and Earth and the Species.  The Verses from Qur’an, quoted little later in the article, reveals the details and information concerning the act of Creation that are no where recorded in the earlier scriptures or in the books written by the teachers of astronomy. The Qur’an speaks of the Origin of the Heavens with their celestial bodies swimming within their own orbits and also of the winding up of the Heavens and recreating them again. The scientists of the nineteenth century have advocated a theory that our Universe pulsates like a pendulum. The explosion of the galaxies that started with the Big Bang may come to an end and they may begin receding. The estimated time period for that Big Crunch, which may not be correct in time frame, is being predicted. This demonstrates that the Archer – the Author of the Qur’an, had thrown His arrow and it had hit the target when the bull’s-eye was obscure and unknown to mankind. Similarly, we also find within the Qur’an the Creation of living species from water, their extinctions and the repeated creations. These scientific revelations reduced into writings centuries ahead of their times prove that bull’s-eye was NOT PAINTED around tip of the arrow, wherever the Archer’s arrow had found its mark… 
Firstly, we shall observe the lighter side of the ongoing debate between the Creationist and Evolutionist and then the recent serious scientific discoveries that have pushed back the  Darwin’s widely propagated Hypothesis for Micro-evolutions, Adaptive Mutations, etc.
The clergyman was Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford. He was a great public favorite, the producer of a stream of such smooth and oily sermons that he was nicknamed “Soapy Sam.”… The events at which he was slated to demolish Darwin was the annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, set for a Saturday in June 1860… It would be the first direct confrontation between the forces of the new evolutionary view and those of the entrenched view held by the Church. (Professor Huxley was to defend the then recently promoted Darwinian theory).

“I beg to ask you, Professor Huxley, (questioned the Bishop) is it on your grandfather’s or your grandmother’s side that you are descended from a monkey?” There was an explosion of applause, under which Huxley turned to the man next to him and whispered; “The Lord hath delivered him into mine hands.” The professor answered: “I assert that a man has no reason to be ashamed of having an ape for a grandfather. If there were an ancestor whom I should feel shame in recalling, it would rather be a man endowed with great ability and a splendid position who used those gifts to obscure the truth.”

Source Understanding The Bible – through Koranic messages - by Akbarally Meherally, 1989. ISBN 0-9693571-1-7. pp. 109-110. Dialogues copied from  Blueprints Solving The Mystery Of Evolution. Edey and Johansons, Little, Brown and Comapny,1989 pp. 86-89.

  Enumerated below, in one line statements, are the major Scientific discoveries that have seriously challenged the Charles Darwin’s 1859 theory; The Origin Of Species. Furthermore, these discoveries have demonstrated that the Creation of Species was not a one time deal. The process has been repeated several times. This ongoing process demands repetitive  planning, selective actions and recreations to perpetuate lives, from one era to another.   Giving explanations for the scientific terminologies enlisted below, in our everyday language would fill volumes. Many of these terms may not be listed in one volume dictionaries. It is suggested to search on the internet for the detailed meanings of these terms by clicking:  

PHYLETIC GRADUALISM had been the backbone of the much publicized [ED].
PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIA uncovered by the PALEONTOLOGISTS from the existing tangible fossil records that can be physically examined, upholds [ID].
MICROEVOLUTIONS of [ED] fails to rebut the apparent reality of the MACROEVOLUTION of [ID] that is evident from the tangible preserved records.
ADAPTIVE MUTATION of [ED] is presumptuous theory for the change of strains.
STOCHASTIC MUTATION of [ID] is a researched study that proves that the ultimate source of modification from ancestor to descendant is stochastic mutation, in the germ line.
NATURAL BIOSYSTEM of [ED] is being disproved practically every day by the use of
GENE-CHROMOSOME GENOME of [ID] with the test tube conceptions and cloning.
PRIMORDIAL BIOPROGRAM of [ED] is pushed back by the recent discovery of
LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) by the Molecular Evolutionist.
  Historians recording the events relating to the advent of Islam in Arabia are in agreement that the dictated Verses of the Qur’an (Koran) were written by the scribes, during the life of the Prophet of Islam (d. 632 A.D.). The written text was collected, codified and circulated to the neighboring States in 654 A.D. These were the times when the human civilization was greatly influenced by the prevalent Western and/or Eastern Astrology. Until Sir Frances Drake (d. 1596) circumnavigated the globe, many believed the earth to be flat. Before Nicolaus Copernicus (d. 1543) published his book ‘On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres’, many astronomers believed in the earlier theory advocated by Claudius Ptolemaeus that our Earth occupied the center of this Universe. The Italian astronomer Giordano Bruno defied the prevalent theory and declared that the universe was infinite. Bruno was burned at the stake by the order of Pope Clement VIII in 1600. In 1609, Galileo invented the Kijkglas (telescope) and proved that Church was mistaken and Bruno was not.
Repeated Creations by Will
The One that Designed the Cosmos also Designed the Species…
The Day that we roll up the heavens like a scroll rolled up for books (completed) even as We produced the first Creation so shall We produce a new one: a promise We have undertaken: truly shall We fulfill it. Qur’an 21: 104.
All the translations of Verses are by translator Abdullah Yusuf Ali.
It is He Who created the Night and the Day and the sun and the moon: all (the
celestial bodies) swim along each in its rounded course.
Qur’an 21: 33.
Were We then weary with the first Creation that they should be in confused doubt about a new Creation? Qur’an 50: 15.
Punctuated Equilibria by Will
Sudden Extinctions of the existing Species and Reappearances of Species…
If it were His will He could destroy you O mankind and create another race: for He hath power this to do. Qur’an 4: 133.

It is We Who created them and We have made their joints strong; but when We will We can substitute the like of them by a complete change.  Qur’an 76: 28.

He is Allah the Creator the Evolver the Bestower of Forms.  Qur’an 59: 24.

Spoken Word of God – Logos; “BE”…

To Him is due the primal origin of the heavens and the earth; when He
decreeth a matter He saith to it: “Be”; and it is.
  Qur’an 2: 117.
Note: The prologue of GENESIS from the Old Testaments which endorses the above Verse of the Qur’an, was reaffirmed by the Author of the LAST GOSPEL of New Testaments. Here the author, in its opening passage has acknowledged that it was Logos – the Spoken Word of God, the Creating Force behind all that had been Created by God. The prologue of the Fourth Gospel literarily and in reality, translates:
In the beginning was the Spoken Word (Command),
and the Command was with the God*,
and the Command was Divine **.
* The use of Greek article “ho” meaning; “the”, before the Greek noun “theos” meaning God, denotes that “the God” and it is the Subject of that sentence in Greek language.
** And, “theos” without the article “ho” is hence the Predicate of that sentence in Greek. And, this second “theos” denotes the nature of the God’s Command, which was Divine.
Those who attribute the prologue of Fourth Gospel to Jesus are telling that Logos=Jesus, was “with” God in the Beginning, as well as Jesus was “God”. The opening word of the next verse which is generally translated as “He” in reality is “This”, meaning; God’s Command.     
The scientists of our era have proved, with the sophisticated gadgetries that LIFE even exists in the “nanobes” – structures smaller than tiny Bacteria. That makes us wonder who placed within these nanobes, dozens of different proteins necessary for a working flagellum. The living molecular machines to synthesize proteins and then send to proper destinations. We know it for a fact that “motherly-love” instinct, has been found within the most primitive races of men and animals, living upon the remotest corners of this earth. The man of science, religion and non-belief know that it has played the essential part in the perpetuation of lives. Without these instincts and characters the perpetuating of life may not have been possible. The Biologists have yet to discover that the roots of these hereditary instincts and characters are also associated with the process of “DNA Replication” that makes exact copy of DNA. Unless that is discovered or established, one can confidently assert that these perpetuating features of life bearing Species are best explained as the work of a Designer. Or, by the Will and Wisdom of the Master-Designer and are NOT duplicated from Genomes. 
“For verily it is thy Lord Who is the Master-Creator knowing all things”. Qur’an 15: 86.