Why Karim Aga Khan has not preached his own followers, what he had preached other Muslims?


 Mowlana Kauser Niazi, Your Excellencies, Eminent Scholars.

When Mowlana Kauser Niazi invited Me to preside at today’s gathering of the Seerat Conference, I felt both trepidation and joy, trepidation because few subjects could be more awe inspiring for any Muslim to speak on, joy as few subjects could give greater happiness to be involved with. Let Me add that I am also deeply appreciative of the occasion offered to Me by Mowlana Kauser Niazi to meet and greet you all. Few Conferences can, have gathered so many men of outstanding intellect, who have devoted so much time and wisdom to the study of Islam and the life of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

In addressing you shortly today, I will begin by making a request: One hundred and seventy two eminent scholars from 48 countries have gathered in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi to present the results of their research and reflection on various aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet. From all these exchanges, from all the private debates which have preceded and succeeded the presentation of each paper, will have come an immense range of new thoughts, new ideas and new understanding of the Prophet’s life.

I have observed in the Western world a deeply changing pattern of human relations. The anchors of moral behaviour appear to have dragged to such depths that they no longer hold firm the ship of life. What was once wrong is now simply unconventional, and for the sake of individual freedom must be tolerated. What is tolerated soon becomes accepted. Contrarily, what was once right is now viewed as outdated, old-fashioned and is often the target of ridicule.

In the face of this changing world, which was once a universe to us and is now no more than an overcrowded island, confronted with a fundamental challenge to our understanding of time, surrounded by a foreign fleet of cultural and ideological ships which have broken loose, I ask, “Do we have a clear, firm and precise understanding of what Muslim Society is to be in times to come?” And if, as I believe, the answer is uncertain, where else can we search than in the Holy Quran, and in the example of Allah’s last and final Prophet?

There is no justification for delaying the search for the answer to this question by the Muslims of the world, because we have the knowledge that Islam is Allah’s final message, the Quran His final book and Mohammed His last Prophet. We are blessed that the answers drawn from these sources guarantee that neither now, nor at any time in the future will we be going astray.

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Nearly 35 years have passed since the above Speech was made. The question that needs to be answered is when will the SPEAKER make a religious pronouncement Farman to his own followers asking them to observe ALLAH’S MESSAGE that guarantees them neither now, nor at any time in the future will they be going astray…  May be He would promote this Revealed Verse from Surah Al-Jamu’h (Chapter 62), Verse No. 9:  “O you who believe! When the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday (Day of Assembly) hasten earnestly to the Remembrance of Allah and leave off business: that is best for you if you but knew!” and OPEN the doors of Ismaili Jamatkhanas and proclaim the calls for the FRIDAY PRAYERS, atleast for his own spiritual followers, the world over…