*NEWS* A Shia-Sunni Muslim cemetery – a “positive accomplishment” for both communities of Toronto

Valerie  Hauch, Staff Reporter of TORONTO STAR wrote on Thursday, February 3, 2011 A Shia-Sunni Muslim cemetery — the first of its kind in the GTA — is in the works in Richmond Hill and could be operational by fall. …Continue reading

5 Thought provoking Appeals to Muslims

   5 Thought provoking Appeals to Muslims In English and Urdu Appeal No. 5 English and Urdu Dec. 8, 2006 Appeal No. 4 English Nov. 24 Urdu Appeal No. 3 English and Urdu Nov. 17 2006 Appeal No. 2 English …Continue reading

Misconceptions about Jesus

MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST AMONG MUSLIMS FOR HIS SECOND COMING The discovery in 1945 from the hillside near Nag Hammadi, by an Egyptian villager named Muhammad Ali of a sealed six-foot tall jar containing dozens of CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES (“Good News …Continue reading

Return to the pre-discord days of Islam

Muslims Killing Muslims… Whoever kills a believer intentionally his recompense is Hell to abide therein (for ever): and the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him.  Qur’an 4: 93 LET …Continue reading

Verses of the Bible that Defend Islam

IN  THE  DEFENSE OF  ISLAM Often a question is asked: A Christian missionary or friend of mine has quoted verses from the Holy Qur’an and is trying to make an impression that the Quranic norms, standards or rules are much …Continue reading

What has Islam to offer that Christianity cannot

WHAT ISLAM HAS TO OFFER THAT CHRISTIANITY CANNOT? THE PURITY OF FAITH After a series of very long and meaningful exchanges with a Christian student of Bible, who had also read the fair amount of the Qur’an, the student finally …Continue reading

Tangible and Perceivable Proof

TANGIBLE  AND PERCEIVABLE CONCLUSIVE PROOF Islam is the fastest growing religion…. WHY? Here is the TANGIBLE and PERCEIVABLE CONCLUSIVE PROOF. Anyone at anytime and anywhere can Perform the following experiment and obtain that PERCEIVABLE PROOF. 1. INVITE 10 (TEN) people …Continue reading

Which is the true Supreme Triumph?

Is there a Goal Greater than “The Paradise”? “The Paradise” Muslims are supposed to believe in the concepts of The Heaven and The Hell that are defined and described within the Glorious Qur’an. The traditional belief is that the Believers …Continue reading

Rethinking within Islam. The elevation of Shari’ah to the level of Divine

Rethinking Within Islam – “metaphysical catastrophes: the elevation of the Shari`ah to the level of the Divine, …” By Professor Ziauddin Sardar The seasoned author – professor Ziauddin Sardar of London, England, is a cultural critic and the editor of …Continue reading

Consequences of “Secondary Documents” of Islam

A Profoundly Significant Question… ARE THERE CONSEQUENCES OF FOLLOWING ‘SECONDARY DOCUMENTS’ BESIDES THE QUR’AN? New Introduction: Allah (SWT) Commanded the Prophet: “Say (O’ Muhammad), ‘Allah’s Guidance is the (only) Guidance.” (Q. 6: 71). The same Message is repeated in 2: …Continue reading

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