Emperor of Japan’s Divinity within Constitution and Religious Beliefs of Japanese People

  Based upon legends, Japanese Emperor named Meiji had claimed in Japan’s  Constitution (1889) that their First Emperor Jimmu (660 BC) was the Descendant of Sun Godess Amaterasu. The ordained Constitution declared that the Emperor had inherited Divinity in Human Form. The foremost article of this Constitution promulgates …Continue reading


By Richard Dawkins and poses the author a question… Akbarally Meherally – the Webmaster, writes from Canada that he happen to be the one that got himself unfastened to the parental indoctrination. Dawkins writes “we all get indoctrinated since childhood …Continue reading

Why invite the Atheists? What they do “Believe”?

WHY INVITE THE ATHEISTS? WHAT DO THEY BELIEVE? Last updated February 22, 2000 Preach them how to count the Blessings from Allah before you Preach the Atheists the Fear of Allah– THE NEED FOR THE STUDY OF THIS SUBJECT… Often …Continue reading

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