Aga Khan promotes “Imam is MAZHAR of Allah” but Quran Reveals “Imams are ABIDEEN (obedient servants)”

1. 1975 KARIM AGA KHAN DECLARED “IMAMAH” TO BE EXPLAINED AND UNDERSTOOD AS THE “MAZHAR” (manifest) OF GOD at the World Ismaili Religious & Social Leaders Conference in Paris (see scanned details) 2. 1984 KARIM AGA KHAN ASSERTED THAT HE WAS NEITHER …Continue reading

Ancestry of HIDDEN Ismaili Imams Reveals Designtion of Imamat is NOT by previous Imams

   THE FOLLOWING MATERIAL IS REPRODUCED FROM To read the details of sources please click footnotes at the above link Ismaili.NET – Heritage F.I.E.L.D. Welcome to F.I.E.L.D.- the First Ismaili Electronic Library and Database. Guests are not required to login …Continue reading

The Aga Khan Leads Sheep… Sheep are for Eid

The Aga Khan Leads Sheep… Sheep are for Eid, is the title of an article by ProgressiveIslam.Org – a superblog for Muslims of all theological orientations and any one else with an interest in issues relating to Islam, empowerment, freedom, equality …Continue reading

Webmaster – a devoted community leader of Ismailis got out the inherited tunnel vision…

Webmaster – a devoted community leader, after serving the “Two Living Imams” got out of the inherited tunnel vision of the ISMAILI BELIEFS upon the study of Imams Genealogy and the Revealed Message within THE QUR’AN, that had perfected “DEEN …Continue reading

An Important Message for the Ismailis

        A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR THE ISMAILIS During one of his pronouncements in Pakistan, Karim Aga Khan had recommended his Jamaat to read the translation of the Holy Qur’an done by M. M. Pickthall. Please read …Continue reading

Three Fictitious Names of Nizari Imams Inserted by Ismaili Historians

FOUNDATION AND CORNERSTONE OF THE ISMAILI FAITH are based upon Karim Aga Khan having an unbroken hereditary link with their 1st Imam Hadhrat Ali – (son-in-law of the Prophet s.a.s.) who was appointed as Mawla. Ismailis do recite in their Daily Ritual …Continue reading

Read the Ismaili Constitution

~EXAMINING~ THE ORDAINED CONSTITUTION  OF THE SHIA  IMAMI  ISMAILI MUSLIMS Ismailis should ask themselves WHICH IS THE SUPREME LAW? The one “Ordained” by an Imam or the one “Revealed” by the Creator? The title cover of the “Ordained” Ismaili Constitution …Continue reading

“Qur’an is the Word of God” says Karim Aga Khan in the public but does not ask his own followers to face the Qiblah while praying

Recently, at the Inauguration of the Ismaili Jamatkhana in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., on June 23, 2002, KARIM AGA KHAN declared in his speech before the distinguished guests and the members of his Jamaat “the word of the Quran is the …Continue reading

Photos of Aga Khans praying the Islamic Salaat after Sunni Imams, facing the Qiblah

SHOULD ONE SEEK HEAVEN FROM SOMEONE WHO HIMSELF FALLS ON HIS FACE AND SEEKS FROM ALLAH? “Follow (O men!) the revelation given unto you from your Lord and follow not as friends or protectors other than Him. Little it is …Continue reading

Brief History of the four AGA KHANS. The first two Aga Khans were the practising Ithna’ashries

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE AGA KHANS ( Section One ) IS “AGA KHAN A ROYAL TITLE? “Aqa” (also, Agha or Aga) is a word, said to be of Tatar  origin, signifying a dignitary or lord. The term was applied …Continue reading

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