Consequences of making Secondary Documents over-rule Primary… Slideshow-2  Can now see this Slideshow on YouTube

Consequences of making Secondary Documents over-rule the Primary – Slideshow-1 of 2 Can now see this on YouTube Please see this attached Slideshow to the end

Read the text for the Doctrine of Trinity

HAVE YOU READ “DOCTRINE OF TRINITY” BEFORE EMBRACING IT? “Analogies” Yes, “Text” No…  On an average, everyday I receive two or three e-mails from people in Christendom, who strongly advocate the “Holy Trinity”. The belief in Trinity is not a …Continue reading

Did Jesus err, or have the Vicars of Jesus (the Church) erred?

Did Jesus err? NO,  THE SO CALLED “VICAR OF JESUS” (THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH), AND THE SO CALLED DISCIPLES OF THE CHRIST (THE CHRISTIANS), HAVE ERRED… The Bible records that JESUS came to glorify his Father and he accomplished that work …Continue reading

The “Unique Son” was made the “Begotten Son” by Jerome

Apostle John wrote, Jesus was “an Unique son” of God… Apologist Jerome made him “the Begotten son” of God… The world famous ‘Anchor Bible’ and ‘Gideon Bible’ provide the needed proof… The George Washington University in USA During my bible …Continue reading

Jesus claimed, he was “The Way” but not “The Destination”!

JESUS WAS ”THE WAY” NOT “THE DESTINATION” “JOHN 14:6″ A POPULAR BUMPER STICKER…  One of the significantly popular text from the New Testament, with the evangelical missionaries, is verse 14:6 from John’s Gospel. I have many a times noticed the selected …Continue reading

Is Jesus the Only Savior?

        THE ONLY SAVIOUR CONCEPT MAKES JESUS, MIGHTIER THAN THE ALMIGHTY! WHO IS “YOUR” SAVIOUR?One of the primary questions frequently posed by a devoted Christian to a non Christian is: “We all do sin. But, under the …Continue reading

THE LAST SUPPER by Leonardo Da Vinci

QUR’AN DOES NOT REVEAL; JESUS WAS SUBSTITUTED WITH ANOTHER MAN ON THE CROSS OR BEFORE (Revised on October 31, 1999 ) A Presumptive Interpretation! 1. Recently I received from an Imam, a complimentary copy of the booklet ‘A BRIEF ILLUSTRATED …Continue reading

Armageddon; the Second Coming of Jesus as a thief; Imminent is the Great Final Battle

The Three Major Hoaxes “ARMAGEDDON” “COMING OF JESUS AS A THIEF” “IMMINENT IS THE GREAT BATTLE” The Fictitious Fears and False Hopes have lead the followers for Centuries to Dead Ends. Away from the Right Path leading to Ever Relenting …Continue reading

Does Qur’an state, “The Bible” is True or Books by their names?

MY REBUTTAL TO THE DECEPTION AND FALSEHOOD PROPAGATED BY THE  CHRISTIAN WEB SITE IMPORTANT ADDITIONS January 30 and February 2, 2003 You will find at the end, responses to my rebuttal from Silas and Sam Shamoun – a colleague …Continue reading

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