Easter – a Victory of the Sun not of the Son

- EASTER – a Victory of the SUN or the SON? The Resurrection… The Resurrection – the rising of Jesus Christ, after having been lowered from the Cross, as the foundation of Christian faith was established by the apostles (not …Continue reading

Learn the Rituals that were practiced by Jesus Christ

        O’ the disciples of Christ (Christians), enjoin what Christ used to do…Jesus used to Greet like we Muslims do… Jesus used to Worship like we Muslims do… records the Bible that you read… Jesus used to …Continue reading

If there is “One God” why have “Two Seats” in the Heaven?

WHY ARE THERE TWO SEPARATE SEATS IN THE HEAVEN, IF THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD? A note from a Christian Critic and my response added on March 5th. Another note from a Christian and my response added on April 11th. …Continue reading

Crucifixion and the Resurrection of the historical Jesus

CRUCIFIXION &  RESURRECTION OF THE CHRIST  If the righteous Jesus – the Messiah, who refused to be called “good” by his disciples and taught them “No one is good expect God alone” (Mk. 10:18) was to visit us and listen …Continue reading

The ‘Second Coming Of Jesus’ and the ‘Historical Jesus’ that was married to Mary Magdalene…

Jesus and Mary Magdalene Today there are in circulation hundreds of articles, dozens of books and a similar number of videos and TV documentaries trying to convince their readers and viewers with New Evidences to establish the TRUE IMAGE OF …Continue reading

Jesus did not say “I AM He – (the God)”. But AM he the Messiah…

Jesus did NOT say “I AM He – (the God)“ Jesus said “I AM he – (the Messiah)“ The Most Often Quoted Verses JOHN 8: 24 and 8: 58 Read the scanned pages of the Bible, learn the Gospel Truth …Continue reading

The Origin of Jehovah’s Witnesses and a critical Biblical Prediction with specific date made by Founder did not happen

The Origin of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Biblical Prediction by its founder that did not happen… In 1872, a pastor named Charles Taze Russell (1852-1916), organized an inconspicuous Bible Study Group in Allegheny, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. USA. Less than a decade …Continue reading

Jesus addressed his God as “My Father” but he ALSO said for Him as “Your Father”

Examining the Famous Quote: “My Father and Your Father, My God and Your God” from the Biblical and Quranic Perspectives In the Gospel according to John, there is an important narration that tells us that when the grief stricken Mary …Continue reading

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