Stoning to death is Un-Islamic

The story of AMINA LAWAL ~ the one who has been sentenced ~ “Death by stoning” Part One Introduction In October 2001, a young Muslim woman named Safiya Hussaini was sentenced to “Death by stoning” by an Islamic Sharia Court …Continue reading

Will the history repeat itself for the Jews?

WILL  HISTORY  REPEAT  ITSELF? REPEATED acts of mighty arrogance and mischief by the Children of Israel… REPEATED warnings from Allah… REPEATED punishments by Allah… (An important text has been added at the end on October 19, 2002) Please read the …Continue reading

A “Political Message” of the Qur’an that applies to our times

AN URGENT AND IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR THE UMMAH (BROTHERHOOD) What was true 1400 years ago is also true today Spread the following Message of Allah S.W.T. Acting upon the Message is a key to Victory Disobeying the Message a way …Continue reading

Unjust Killings” are strongly denounced by the Qur’an

  UNJUST KILLING IS STRONGLY DENOUNCED BY THE GLORIOUS QUR’AN AND THAT IS THE TRUE ISLAM   The recent spate of killings of the innocents be that of any race, religion, cast, creed belonging to any homeland or party by the state armies or individuals  …Continue reading

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